Corporate History

Our company has over 25 years’ experience in the sector and during that time exponential growth in terms of structure and service quality have been outstanding features of our firm. .

Gestimed was created in 1993 as a locally based family firm which arose from financial companies needing to organise their mortgage business. At the start, the company was mainly concerned with handling registration issues and requesting registry extracts.

From 2000 onwards, Gestimed grew in terms of structure, services and quality, as a result of the extraordinary increase in volume of mortgage management operations and business relations established with various national and international financial entities.

In 2008, given the global adverse financial situation, Gestimed decided to extend its range of services, and launched new lines of business including asset recovery and the banking law firm.

As the new services grew, the company developed an expansion plan and opened a number of offices run directly by the company throughout the territory of Spain.

From 2013, Gestimed created further business lines introducing BPO and asset management services.

More recently, Gestimed has set up an international action plan opening up local offices in Portugal, and the company is now fully established and in the process of further expansion.