Quality Policy


For the provision of professional services
In the activities of professional services for large accounts such as renowned Banking Institutions, Investment Funds and Large Asset Houses at a national and international level, in the provision of BPO, Real Asset Management, Legal and Recovery & Rental services, Gestimed’s Senior Management endorses the Quality Commitment, understood as the result of correct and continuous management of infrastructures, suppliers and the internal control of processes. This is made possible through the implementation of a Quality System based on the ISO-9001 standard, towards the ongoing improvement of the services carried out.

Gestimed’s policy is based on the following cornerstones:

- Meeting our clients’ needs and expectations through a Quality System to offer services of a proven quality.

- Complying with the legal, technical and regulatory requirements and specifications set by our clients that affect our activity in terms of the quality of the service provided and the working conditions.

- Improving the relationship with our clients and suppliers to improve our technical performance and services and helping them reach their goals.

- Preventing and correcting failures when they occur, eliminating the causes that gave rise to them.

- Encouraging our employees’ evolution by favouring their empowerment within the company. Establishing communication channels between the different departments, detecting and solving our employees’ training needs.

Since we are aware that we need the involvement and unconditional support of all our staff in order to meet with the abovementioned goals, this policy has been disseminated among all the members of our organisation, who endorse it.

All Gestimed's employees have assumed the responsibility of self-control. Therefore, they will be responsible for the quality of the tasks they carry out and are committed to ensure the success of this Quality Policy and all the actions it may give rise to.